The latest and greatest batch of links to articles, blogs and stories that I find interesting, intriguing and insightful. Do I endorse every thing said on these links? Not always, but still thought it was a worthwhile read. Registration may be required on some of the links. I always forget which ones since I always stay logged in to the site.

There’s been a lot of increased debate over the United States war in Afghanistan. I thought the following recent articles were interesting on the matter.
The Three Envelopes by Charles Krauthammer
More Schools, Not Troops by Nicholas Kristof
A ‘Necessary’ War? by Peggy Noonan

“Eating The Dinosaur”: Football by Chuck Klosterman – An excerpt from the latest book of essays, Eating The Dinosaur, by Chuck Klosterman.

Why Email No Longer Rules by Jessica Vascellaro – I’ll keep saying it until people take me serious, email as we know it is antiquated.

The Internet Is Altering Our Brain by Live Science – A recent UCLA study on how increased use of the internet is changing our brains.

Tell a Story That’s True by Kevin Hendricks – Those forwarded Christian emails are usually not true, so why do people continue to send them on to people?

Faith No More by Christopher Hitchens – “Humanist and anti-theist” writes about his recent debates and interactions with Christianity.

It’s His Rubble Now by Peggy Noonan – At some point, President Barack Obama is going to have to stop blaming the Bush Presidency for everything and own the Presidency.

The Jeter Bunt by Joe Posnanski – Posnanski delves into the legend of Derek Jeter and how it relates to a mistake Jeter made in Game 2 of the World Series.

Mobile Use Is Linked To Brain Tumours by Daily Express – At one point, numerous people used to smoke cigarretes without thinking they caused lung cancer.

The Fear Factor by Michael Specter – A bit of fact and a bit of history with flu immunizations amidst the swine flu fears and hype.

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