Early in the season I said Zac Lee could be the best quarterback the Huskers have had since Eric Crouch. So what has changed my sentiment to now abdicating for Cody Green to start? Right now, Cody Green is the best (and healthiest) playmaker the Huskers have on offense.

I think Zac Lee has done well. Yes, he could’ve played better in the two losses, but you can’t blame the offensive woes all on him. It’s a number of factors outside of Lee.

  • Play calling
  • Offensive line
  • Lack of depth
  • Injuries to Roy Helu and Rex Burkhead
  • No WR stepping up

Zac Lee has moxie, and that was needed in the comeback win against Missouri. He’s a good quarterback who would start at a number of Division I schools in the country. The problem with the current state of the Huskers is he isn’t the best option for the Huskers if the Huskers want to win this season.

I came to the conclusion of “Cody Green should start” in the last game when Lee was asked to run numerous times. If Shawn Watson is going zone-read and calling Lee’s number a lot, wouldn’t it be better to have the better running QB in there? Who can forget the first game of the season when Cody Green came in during the fourth quarter and broke off that 49 yard run? He turned the corner and kicked into a gear that no one else had in at least a 500 mile radius. It was sick. It was also a peek into the future.

If Cody Green is the best playmaker the Huskers have offense, at the moment, then why not start him? If the QB is going to be asked to run multiple times, then why not put the best running QB the Huskers have in the game? This is the best time in the schedule to do such a move. The next two games are against Iowa State and Baylor. Green can get acclimated to starting and running the offense before Oklahoma comes to Lincoln.

Some people have said the Huskers would be throwing in the towel if Green would now start. Hardly. I think Green gives the Huskers their best chance this season, with the injuries they’ve had in the backfield. An added bonus? Green gets a head start on 2010. (Please, you think at this point Lee is going to hold off Green in 2010? Green, at age 18, is already at the level of Lee, who is 22.)

Tommie Frazier took over the starting job halfway through his freshman season. There were some bumps that year, but also some great performances. The next season, the Huskers were a last second missed field goal from being national champs. Is Cody Green capable of what Tommie did? Who knows, but the talent is there. Besides, most people thought 2010 would be the year, not 2009 for the Huskers. This year became a surprise with the early season performances, but reality has kicked back in.

Does the passing game suffer? I don’t know, I think Green can handle our passing game which consists of mainly throwing the ball within five yards of the line of scrimmage.

Does it split the team? I think Coach Pelini would get the players on the same page with the decision, and the comments from various players this week have me thinking it wouldn’t be an issue if Green started.

I think it’s a win-win for the Huskers to start Cody Green now. If the Huskers didn’t have their top 2 RB’s injured, perhaps I don’t think this. The circumstances are what they are, though. Green should start for the best results this season, and beyond, for the Huskers.

Whoever is starting at QB today, I’ll cheer enthusiastically for them. Go Big Red!

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