I won’t have a long rant today, unlike last week. It’s not worth the energy on my part.

What a pathetic display on offense that was today. Pathetic. An embarrassment on offense with eight turnovers, and most of those were self-inflicted. Iowa State’s defense was nice, but the Huskers’ offense gift-wrapped that victory to Iowa State.

Zac Lee did not have a good game, but should he be demoted to backup? Two of the interceptions were catchable passes for the Huskers’ receivers, but also not great passes thrown by Lee. The last interception was just bad, but Lee is trying to make a play. Lee shouldn’t be demoted because of the Huskers’ offense.

What a waste of a defensive effort by Ndamukong Suh and the rest of the Blackshirts.

Again, I think the best, and more importantly healthiest, Husker playmaker on offense is Cody Green. Would he have made a difference today? I don’t know. I still think he should have started, but you can’t pin this loss on Lee. At this point, it probably makes sense for the Huskers to ride Lee the rest of the season.

Niles Paul, Husker playmaker…good and bad.

I don’t think too many people believe Coach Pelini that Roy Helu Jr’s injury had nothing to do with the two fumbles he had.

I tweeted, Cynical to think, “Iowa State has the Huskers right where they want them, in the Red Zone.” Next play the Huskers fumbled.

Now, I just hope the Huskers can qualify for a bowl game.


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