So, we’re at week ten in the message series “Where Is God When?”. For eight of the ten weeks I’ve produced an animated bumper video to transition into the message during the Sunday services. With all of these videos I haven’t had a real plan when I started out on each one, except this bumper video. For about a month I’ve been looking forward to this bumper video because of one scene I wanted do.

Because of some of the other things I’ve done in the bumper videos, people have wondered how I’d approach the scene where David comes across Bathsheba. I’d joke that we’d have black bars censoring David and Bathsheba, or we’d blur out the offending parts. (Let me say for the record there was NO WAY that was actually ever going to happen. Like I said, it was a joke.) In joking about what I’d do, the idea came to parody a particular commercial and its product.

So, how do you show David looking down upon a bathing Bathsheba, and the subsequent adultery between the two of them? Factoring in the dynamics of 3,000 people at CCC on a Sunday morning?

Take a peek…

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