This week I’ve been working on some videos for work and Facebook ad campaigns. I have two videos going this Sunday at CCC Old Mill. Another bumper video, but also a talking screen video. I would loosely categorize it as typography, but it’s nothing like the typography videos Greg and I worked on for the Joshua series. It’s really basic and I could have pulled it off in Keynote or PowerPoint. However, it gave me a chance to get more familiar with the software Motion. Plus, it is easier to work with audio in Motion than the other programs. In the future, I will be able to do more with typography in Motion. The ceiling is higher than it would be in another program.

My work in social media is fun. I do get snarky comments from people who don’t understand social media. I do my best to let it roll off me, because invariably these people ask me for help 6-12 months later. Actually, most people are with social media, but it’s people within the church that make the snarky comments. Typical, Christians a couple of years behind the trends. No wonder we have a hard time reaching the people and culture around us.

Someone gave Liam some Spiderman pajamas. He was afraid of them at first, but then I showed him on YouTube the original Spiderman theme song. He now likes Spiderman and sings the theme song. So, in no particular order, Liam likes Blues Clues, Thomas the Train, Toy Story, Cars, Huskers, Red Sox and now Spiderman. Oh, I can’t forget the Weather Channel either. He reminds me in the morning when I forget to check the weather for the day.

Lots of Husker talk going on at work and life. (Even here at Amsterdam, Phil and I spent five minutes talking about the team, Ndamukong Suh and the teams the Huskers will face.) I’ve noticed that as the week has progressed, people have become more concerned for the Texas Tech game. Injuries, Shawn Watson’s play calling and more have contributed to the uneasy feeling, but I still think Nebraska wins. Then again, I thought Boston would beat Anaheim and that didn’t happen. (Congrats Angels. Hope you beat the Yankees.)

I haven’t been listening to The Jim Rome Show a lot lately. I use to time my lunch with the opening hour of his show so I could listen to him. Now? I don’t care if I miss it. Too much talk on horse racing, MMA or some pop culture topic. My friend Nathan and I were talking about it and he told me that over the summer his longtime producer left the show. His former producer, Travis Rodgers, has his own show. And, he’s managed to embrace social media, something Jim Rome hasn’t done. Rodgers’ show isn’t as polished as Rome’s, but at least he talks about sports.

I think I’m going to start a new feature on the blog here. I’m going to profile a staff person from CCC. In talking with people I realize that people don’t know many of the personnel that work hard to make everything happen at CCC. It’s also a way to bring a personal touch to some of the staff that are only known by their words and demeanor from the front of the stage.

Amsterdam? Good as gold. Back to work now…

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