(Earlier post on the Huskers right after the Missouri game.)

In 2007 the Huskers were in free fall. Four years of Steve Pedersen and Bill Callahan dismantling the Huskers culture and tradition had finally come to fuition, and a majority of the fans had no hope in the regime. It was the only time that I can remember that I wavered on the Huskers being my favorite team. As hope seemed lost, the Boston Red Sox seemingly moved ahead of the Huskers as my favorite team. I remember talking to one of my friends, Nathan Higgs, about it and he couldn’t believe it could happen. (He understood why it could, though.) I cheered on the Red Sox as the won their second World Series in four season. The flipside being I wanted the Huskers to lose, which was a weird feeling. I remember watching their game against Texas, that season, and being frustrated that they were ahead of the Longhorns in the second half. I did not want Bill Callahan to get a reprieve. Thankfully, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, thankfully Texas came back to beat Nebraska that day and ultimately the Pedersen-Callahan regime came to an end after the Colorado game.

Why do I bring this up? I am a big Red Sox fan. They were swept in the playoffs today by the Anaheim Angels. I wasn’t upset. Granted, I didn’t think the Red Sox had the team this year to win the World Series, but when the Huskers are rolling along like they are now it doesn’t matter how the rest of my sports teams are doing. Life is good.

A few additional thoughts on the Huskers in the aftermath of their win at Missouri.

  • I had mentioned on Twitter, during the game, that Nebraska somewhat played the role of Virginia Tech in that game. The next day, I thought of the 1990 game Nebraska had against Colorado where they led Colorado 12-0, at home, going into the fourth quarter and lost 27-12. Colorado would go on to win the national championship that year. This is about the only time I hope Nebraska emulates Colorado.
  • I’m still not a fan of the Huskers play calling in the game, especially when Nebraska was moving the ball well late in the game when they finally lined up with extra blockers. (Why weren’t they doing that earlier in the game when it was really raining hard?) However, it did come out afterwards that Roy Helu Jr flew on a separate flight because of the flu and was still feeling the effects. If that’s the case, then why not go with Rex Burkhead more?
  • It had rained over 5 inches in the Columbia area the day of the game. Understandable that Zac Lee is going to have some issues passing the ball. This pic gives a glimpse of the conditions.
  • I had said I thought the Huskers would move up in the polls to around #15. In the AP poll they are #15 now.
  • What are the odds Ndamukong Suh gets a Heisman invite at this point? 20-1? Huskers have to keep winning for it to have any chance. (click here to read SI’s Andy Staples on Suh’s Heisman chances)
  • During the game I also tweeted about the possibility of Cody Green coming in to give the Huskers a spark on offense. At the end of the game I felt a bit silly for saying that in light of Zac Lee helping the Huskers come back to win. However, it did come out later that around the time I tweeted that, Cody Green was warming up on the sideline to come into the game. At least I was in line with what the coaches were thinking.
  • Granted, while Zac Lee helped in the comeback, the Blackshirts led the way. The two interceptions they caught and returned were deep in Missouri territory. It made scoring on offense much easier.
  • Final special teams tally for the Huskers: four bad punt snaps and one led to a safety, two dropped punts on returns, and a muffed punt which was a turnover. In the words of one former sports talk radio host, “That’s not good”.
  • I think the Blackshirts are going to be the difference in Nebraska winning the Big 12 North…as long as Shawn Watson isn’t channeling Bill Callahan in play calling!
  • If Nebraska has really turned the page on the Pedersen-Callahan years, they’ll take care of business the next three weeks when they play Texas Tech, Iowa State and Baylor. If they do, it puts them at 7-1 and near a top ten ranking when squaring off against Oklahoma in Lincoln.
  • How big was the win over Missouri? Since then, Nebraska received two verbal commitments from players who shunned scholarship offers from current National Champion, Florida. I don’t think so-called recruiting guru Bill Callahan ever managed that.
  • On Friday, I had my in-season, weekly Husker football chat with fellow CCC staff, Steve Yost. One of the best ones ever as we enjoyed retelling each other what we were thinking and feeling as the Huskers came back to beat Missouri.

Man, I love having the Huskers playing at a competitive level again.

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