Transportation is an amazing thing. It still boggles my mind every time I fly in an airplane that we can actually, you know, FLY. (Each new time I go to China I think about this more and more.)

Transportation is amazing, but I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed owning any of the cars I’ve had. Since Jana and I have been married we’ve seem to have had multiple issues with the car we owned at any given time. Lots of money sunk into them. It is annoying.

What adds to the annoyance is I don’t know anything about cars. Nothing. I have a wealth of information on a number of topics, but when it comes to a car I am not an expert. I am an idiot. Mash that up with multiple car issues I’ve had over the years with the cars I’ve owned and you get me gnashing my teeth from time to time over my car.

Today, Jana came by the church after doing some errands in the morning. I was going to drive her and the boys home. I start the car and we heard a sound of something twisting and snapping. Not good. Jana then opens her door, leans out and looks underneath and sees fluid coming out. Great. Now, the car is still running. I try and drive, but it takes more strength than it should to just steer.

The debate begins in my head. Can I make it home? I start driving. It’s ridiculous trying to steer, but I can manage. I figure I’ll stay on the back roads. However, I then notice smoke coming from under the hood. I look at my thermostat and it is going up. Great…

I pull over in a parking lot. Who do I call? Tim Perry. The guy knows his stuff when it comes to cars. This surprised a lot of people when I was telling them the story today. Tim is just wicked smart. He knows Greek, Hebrew and how to fix a car. I popped the hood, told him I saw a belt shredded and the fluid issue, and he knew right away what it was. Serpentine belt and water pump.

Tim came by, loaded up my family, and drove them home while I waited for AAA to tow the car. They came by and towed it to a local repair place. Tim came by and was with me at the shop. The result? Serpentine belt, water pump and potentially my radiator need to be replaced. Awesome. (Yeah right…)

I’ll get a quote tomorrow morning on the cost. Still, it’s just a reminder of how there are times I hate cars. Granted, the situation could have been much worse had the belt snapped when Jana was out with the boys. Nobody was hurt. There are positives. (Plus, Tim Perry was a tremendous friend throughout the whole situation.) The negatives? I don’t have a working car and it’s going to cost me some money to get it repaired.

Please pray for this situation. If the cost to get the repairs done is ridiculously high, I should look into getting a new vehicle. Regardless of the cost, maybe Jana and I should look into that. Please pray for provision and wisdom regarding the situation. (Our current car is a ’92 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight so it’s not exactly a “new” car.)


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