Some articles, posts and stories I’ve found interesting, intriguing and insightful over the past few days and weeks. Once again, I don’t endorse every one of these articles.

Keeping America Safe From The Ranters by Peggy Noonan – Noonan explores how the political conversation in our country is being dominated by the fringe, and how that isn’t a good thing.

Theo by Joe Posnanski – Some of my baseball friends have made mocked how baseball media laud Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, even though some of his decisions don’t apparently pan out. Posnanski goes into the thinking of Epstein and why it is a competitive edge for the Red Sox.

Bosnia’s Lesson by George Will – Nation building in Bosnia, 14 years later, and the lessons learned. What does this mean for Afghanistan and Iraq?

Tough political realities quiet youth ‘Obamamania’ by Martha Irvine – The waning capital of President Barack Obama has been reported by various outlets. This one discusses the demise of the passion among young followers of President Obama.

Jordan’s night to remember turns petty by Adrian Wojnarowski – I wonder if Michael Jordan is one of the most insecure people around. Since he retired from the Bulls, the second time, he’s taken a blowtorch to his legacy and reputation.

Save the Planet: Have Fewer Kids by LiveScience Staff – This seems like an example of what Seth Godin calls “bear shaving”.

Cooling Down the Cassandras by George Will – More inconvenient truths for environmentalists about global warming.

The Polanski Case: A Gallic Shrug by Michael Kimmelman – If it was nearly anybody else on planet Earth, they’d not be able to get away with drugging and raping a 13 year old girl. Some of the more choice quotes about Polanski were that it wasn’t “rape rape” or that it was a “youthful error” on his part at the time…when he was 43! Does anyone think this was a one time event for him?

The Straight Truth About Chat Rooms by Stanley Holditch – I get asked by people about internet filters and if they are necessary. I always say yes, and this blog post sheds light as to one reason why.

‘Toy Story’ and sequel get new life in 3-D – One of my favorite movies and why it makes sense for it to be rereleased in 3-D.

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