Really, is it that big a deal Chicago lost the 2016 Summer Olympics bid? It’s not even the biggest sporting event in the world. That is FIFA World Cup, which the United States is bidding on for 2022. If the United States gets it, it benefits an entire nation and not just one city. Plus, it’s more of an economic benefit than the Olympics.

Jesse Jackson saying one of the reasons Chicago wasn’t picked for the 2016 Summer Olympics was due to the United States not signing the Kyoto Treaty is ridiculous. (click here)

Had the joy of praying and talking with people who came forward in yesterday’s services for prayer. I enjoy those opportunities to serve. Three of the people I prayed with were students.

It deserves its own post, but I’m surprised more and more how people think I’ll be at the end of my rope when I watch the boys for the weekend. It’s not like it’s a punishment. You would think that as a father I wouldn’t mind, and that I’d have it in me, to watch my two sons for a weekend on my own.

Some people decry the apparent double standard when David Letterman admits his immoral behavior and people applaud. I don’t know why people are surprised. Letterman has never admitted to a higher moral standard like Christians or Republican politicians who run on a “family values” platform. Christians and those public figures who do claim a higher moral standard should be held to that standard they proclaim.

It would make me happy if the Minnesota Twins could win their tiebreaker with Detroit and then beat the Yankees in the playoffs. Because it would bring me great joy for the Red Sox to face the Twins for the AL pennant. A number of coworkers, who are Twins fans, and I would have lots of smack talk for each other. (I’m already predicting the Red Sox beat the Angels in the Divisional Round.)

You know, as my schedule continues to be full, and Jana stays busy as well, I’m reminded of Bill Hybels talk at Leadership Summit this past August. Jana and I are always staying busy, and it’s with good things. Trying to stay on top of everything has proven difficult.

Viriginia Tech is ranked #5 and Nebraska is ranked #21. Nebraska’s one loss, by one point, is to Virginia Tech. The game was at Virginia Tech. Obviously, this shows how there are sixteen teams that separate the two teams. (Whatever.)

Nebraska beats Missouri this Thursday evening.

Curry fries and mayo always hits the spot.

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