Trying to transition back into work today. Last week, I was off on Monday, out sick on Wednesday and Thursday, and officiated a wedding on Friday. I was suppose to be off today, but decided to work. The whole family has been out of sorts lately.

I’m not sure what game had a better long term impact on the Huskers season. The Huskers shutting out Lousiana-Lafayette, or Virginia Tech throttling media darling Miami. If Nebraska had beaten VA Tech they’d be sniffing the top ten right now. Sure, some are upset they aren’t ranked higher after this past weekend, but that’s why a team like Nebraska has to seize those opportunities when they present themself.  They’ll have a chance for a statement when they play at Missouri, next week, on Thursday night.

He many not get a championship of any kind, but Ndamukong Suh is shaping up to be one of the best defensive players ever at Nebraska.

Who will in baseball? I don’t know. I’d venture Phillies vs Yankees in the World Series, but I like Boston’s starters better than the Yankees. I’d take Jon Lester over any other starter on the AL playoff bound teams right now.

With the Jets starting off 3-0, and Mark Sanchez taking to the NFL with apparent ease, it’s easy to see why USC coach Pete Carroll thought Sancehz was making a bad decision by leaving USC early because he wasn’t ready. Yeah, that or Caroll knew he didn’t have a QB ready for this season’s USC team.

I think Michael Jordan is fortunate he didn’t play in the internet age. I think he did more to ruin his legacy with his Hall of Fame speech than his stint playing for the Washington Wizards did.

Does Michael Moore influence anyone with his moves anymore? (click here)

I’m giving the new show FlashForward a chance.

Sometimes I’m amused by people in Christianity who take up the most random cause as if it is a matter of life or death.

It’s coming soon that my current address of 156th & Maple will not be considered West Omaha. I talk to more and more people who live west of me that haven’t even traversed east of Christ Community Church.

Good to be back at Amsterdam for lunch.

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