Yesterday was the memorial service for Drew Billings. Considering the circumstances, it was a wonderful, uplifiting service. For almost two hours people shared stories about Drew and the impact he had on their lives. Listening to the stories brought to mind other interactions and conversations I had with Drew. (Like discussing Robert Goulet, for instance.)

I thought all the speakers did well. It was also great to talk with people during the reception afterward. I was with Steve Yost afterwards, who lead the service, and I was fortunate to hear Drew’s family come up to Steve and share their gratitude for the service. It was nice to know the service was a blessing to them.

Some others have posted their thoughts about Drew online: Micah Yost (click here), Mark Ashton (click here), and Jonathan Tvrdik and Jonathan Purcell (click here). (And, my original post can be found here.)

The newly established foundation in Drew’s name can be found here.

And, here’s a song that Drew or I would play (somewhat loudly) every now and then when we were in the office working.

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