You know you’re the best tennis player ever when you make the finals of every major in a year, win two of them, complete the career grand slam, and people kind of shrug their shoulders at your accomplishments. Roger Federer is amazing. Even though he didn’t win the U.S. Open, his brilliance was on display. Joe Posnanski wrote a blog post about one shot Federer hit in particular, which I watched live. It was ridiculous. (click here to read Posnanski’s post)

Apparently, Ohio State football claims national titles in 1969, 1970 and 1973 that were awarded by the National Football Foundation Hall of Fame, Matthews Grid Ratings and Foundation for the Analysis of Competitions and Tournaments. Never heard of those rankings? Don’t worry, neither have 99.9% of college football fans. Sad and ridiculous. One of those bogus rankings gave Nebraska a national championship for 1983, but no Husker fan would ever claim that title. Then again, we should probably expect this from a university that makes such a big deal about the word THE in their name. (click here and then scroll down the page a bit to read about it)

I know it’s been awhile since the story broke, but the news about Rick Pitino is crazy. What’s amusing to me is how he gets on the media and people for making things difficult for his family. I don’t think things would be difficult with his family if he hadn’t chose to have an affair in a bathroom and then allegedly pay for the woman’s abortion. Just a hunch.

Even though he directed one of my favorite movies, The Usual Suspects, I’m concerned about Bryan Singer developing a new Battlestar Galactica film. Perhaps it’s due to the reimagined series just ending after an incredible four year run. (click here to read more about it)

Made the plunge and finally bought a blu-ray player. It’s a Playstation 3. Glad Sony finally dropped the prices on them. I bought a Playstation 2 in spring of 2001 and that has been my dvd player since then. It’s great.

Not as fanatical as I use to be, but I still like Pearl Jam. They have a new album coming out next week. Muse just released a new album today, and a few weeks ago it was MuteMath. Some of my favorite bands all releasing new stuff at the same time.

It’s funny to me that a number of Whole Foods shoppers won’t shop there anymore because of what the Whole Foods CEO thinks about health care reform. Progressive… (click here to read more)

It’s good to be enjoying some curry fries and mayo after being away for awhile. (Recovery from being sick.) Great food, great people!

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