Yesterday, us staff at Christ Community Church were informed that one of our coworkers died in his sleep. The crazy aspect was it was Drew Billings who was 26 years old. The group of people I was with, when we were told the news, was silent when we heard because it didn’t make sense. So much so that one person in the group asked which hospital he was at so he could go visit him. Some of us just looked at each other because we knew they didn’t understand that he died. It didn’t take right away.

I first started working at CCC back in the spring of 2005 as a paid consultant. Drew was one of the few people I interacted with initially. He was a volunteer who had his office in the Communications Suite as well. He helped out with directing the Sunday services. Drew and I would often engage in conversations about pop culture. We’d have duels through our iTunes libraries. One of us would play some obscure, one-hit-wonder from the 80’s, and then the other would try and top it. Drew was also one of only two people I’ve known who had heard of one of my favorite shows Cowboy Bebop. We’d often play various songs from Cowboy Bebop in the office and talk about the show.

Drew kept volunteering over the years, but he wasn’t in the office during the week. I didn’t see him tat much. He started teaching theater at South High School on a part-time basis, and even started his own production company doing short films and documentaries.

This past July, he was hired as a part-time staff at CCC. He was a venue producer, overseeing a number of volunteers and tasks that relate to the services in the Sanctuary. It was nice to have him around more. I was also happy because I thought him working with our new Technical Director, Micah Yost, was a great match. Drew’s presence and work brought increased effectiveness.

26 years old and he’s gone. Yes, he is in a better place now, but I really feel for his family. One person in particular is his stepdad, Jerry Van Horn. Jerry is one of the nicest men around. He also volunteers a lot at CCC. (One example, he played the role of Saul in the recent Jealousy Anonymous video we produced.)

It’s a senseless tragedy that doesn’t make sense.

Please be praying for Drew’s family, friends and students he taught.

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