Well, the Huskers preseason is done. Perhaps I shouldn’t phrase the first two games as such. With the recent history of the Huskers, one shouldn’t overlook any team. I guess it speaks of what has transpired with the program since Tom Osborne and Bo Pelini took control.

After two weeks of games, I think Nebraska could win any game they play. Do I think they’ll go undefeated? No, but I think they have a chance in every game now.  (It’s been awhile since I thought that.)  Oklahoma, even before Sam Bradford got injured, looked beatable. Oklahoma has to come to Lincoln to play the Huskers. It will be a tough game, but the Huskers have a chance now.

It’s only been two games, but I still think Zac Lee is the best quarterback Nebraska has had since Eric Crouch. Perhaps I should hold off on that proclamation until the Huskers play a quality opponent. Regardless, he has poise, athleticism and a great arm. Matter of fact, when was the last Husker QB to have a better arm than Lee? (That says more about the Husker offense over the years, though.)

Most impressive players so far? That’s obvious, Zac Lee, Ndamukong Suh and Roy Helu Jr..

The coaches have done well also. Last season you noticed them every now and then when they made mistakes by getting unsportsmanlike conduct calls or made bad play calls. None of that this year.

Nebraska still needs to play a full 60 minutes. I thought the team got a bit lethargic in their play after they went up on Arkansas State 21-0 in the second quarater of today’s game. Nebraska isn’t at a point where they can coast. That will get them beat against Big 12 teams. Still, they won and are undefeated. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State can’t say that.

All of a sudden, the game against Baylor is more formidable than the game against Colorado. The way Colorado is playing, that should be a win for the Huskers. (Someone needs to tell Colorado coach Dan Hawkins this is Division I football.) Do you really think Huskers assistant coach Shawn Watson would want to coach at that black hole?

Being able to watch the Huksers on PPV is great.

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