In the past few weeks I’ve removed around 50 friends from my Facebook profile. Why? It was nothing personal in most cases. I just didn’t know most of them and wasn’t going to be seeking them out either. I’m looking to drop more of them if possible.

It’s interesting because I have been dropped as a Facebook friend by others. How do I respond? Usually I’m perplexed, because I wonder if I did something. Then I remember it’s Facebook, and I don’t care.

I think I’ve been building toward this moment of dropping so-called Facebook friends when a few months ago, in one day, I received three friend requests from three people I never would have expected. A teacher from high school I had no connection with, an individual who I use to work with in Arkansas that later left the ministry and slandered and lied about me (and many others) to everyone they could, and one of the few people I ever did get into a “physical altercation” with in life. (That was over 10 years ago, and I won…self-defense on my part.) Really, you want to be my Facebook friend?

Granted, I’m not expecting to be best friends with everyone I’m allegedly friends with on Facebook, I still have over 400 Facebook friends, but I’d like to think I’d want to at least converse with them on some level.

The tough thing is with my work at church I get friend requests from people here at CCC who I don’t know. If I did remove you on accident, please let me know so we can get back to being BFF.

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