(pics of the Lost ARG Locke poster below)

As some of you know, one of my favorite television shows is Lost. I’ve been fanatical about the show since the fourth episode of the first season, Walkabout. This episode centered on the character of John Locke and the episode elevated the show from good to amazingly memorable in my mind.

Locke would become a key character in one of the show’s central themes, science vs faith. He would represent faith in this debate, often at odds with Jack. And, he’d become my favorite character on the show. (I do have a figure of him at my office desk.)

As the Steve Taylor song goes, it’s harder to believe than not to.

(If you don’t watch Lost, these clips won’t make much sense.)

Most Lost fans are fanatical in their following of the show. The producers know this as well and started using the time between the show’s seasons to continue to add to the story. They do this through ARG, or alternate reality games. Granted, it doubles as a viral marketing campaign, but it does add details to the overall Lost story and build anticipation for the upcoming season of the show.

This next season of Lost will be its last so this edition of Lost ARG promises to be the best. One thing that has come out of it, so far, is an appreciation for the fans. This has been shown by 16 artists/designers who are also fans of the show. They’ve been commissioned to create a poster that represents iconic moments from the series. Each poster is a limited edition. The posters are being released to the public one at a time.

The second poster released was a Locke centric poster that referred to the Walkabout episode. When I saw it I thought it was cool. Not only that, the guy who designed it, Olly Moss, is someone who’s created some great art. (I even talked with him about Battlestar Galactica on Twitter.) When I saw he designed the poster, I decided to make the purchase. A Lost artifact for my own.

I placed the order last week and didn’t think it would arrive for another week or two, but it was delivered today. What’s comical to me, and probably to other Lost fans, is that since this was part of the Lost ARG I found myself analyzing the package for some sort of clue. I know it sounds ridiculous, but then the producers are known for putting clues into the tiniest details. From pictures in wood grain to QR codes, nothing is as it seems. (The clue to this poster was on a laser engraved skate deck with http://www.ThatAndBasketWeaving.com on it.) However, this shipping tube and the rest of the packaging was as it seemed.

I got to this point and decided I didn’t want to open it up at work so packed it all back up. (I know, ridiculous.) Here’s what it looked like when I opened up at home.

Not the greatest picture of the print. (If you want to see a better quality pic of it, click here.) You get the idea, though.

Some other close-ups of it.

You probably can’t see it too well on the last pic, but the numbers are there at the bottom.

The poster looks great. The paper it’s printed on is nice. It will last. Looking forward to getting it framed and putting it up in my home “office”. The tie-in with my favorite character and arguably my favorite episode pushes it over the top for me. It’s brilliant.

Who knew when the site Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear went live that this would be a part of it? Loving the series of posters. Like many Lost fans I wish I could get the whole set. Excited to see the rest of the posters.

Psyched for season six.

Time for bed…

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