A new sermon series, a new website, a new video…there’s always something new happening within the Communications Team here at CCC. It use to be the onset of fall meant an increase in work, but the summer has been so busy that we haven’t noticed the increase. It’s just been steady. While it has been busy, the work we’ve been doing has been fun to do. For me, it’s hard to complain about producing a podcast on Omaha’s civil rights, leading a trip to China, writing scripts and creating animated videos. Those projects take up time, but I don’t mind that they take up time.

The new website is nice. The previous one was not originally suppose to be that style for as long as it was, but it was due to the approval process of the new CCC brand. I liked the previous website, but like the look, flow and functionality of the new design. One particular thing I like? The site can now be viewed on PDA’s and mobile phones.

Something else funny with the new website? Listening to some of the staff critique their own staff photos like they are in high school. It makes me laugh. Then again, I’m sure they laugh at me for my litany of idiosyncracies. And, there are plenty of things about me that elicits laughter.

I have two videos playing in this Sunday’s services. One is the bumper video that I posted earlier in the week. The other video is the Jealousyaholics Anonymous video I wrote and helped produce. Last Thursday and Friday night we filmed this video. (Last Friday was a 17 hour workday alone.)

I was asked to write something lighthearted and a bit campy that highlighted Saul’s jealousy toward David, along with other Biblical characters who were jealous.  My original script was ten pages, which we whittled down to six pages. The original script was nice, but for the amount of time we had to work with in service the script was way too long. What can be difficult is I want to make sure the message and theme of the video is sound, but I can get lost in the theology of it when I’m writing. When dialog gets cut I just hope that viewers can make the logical connections with what they are watching.

What’s nice is Jay is at the helm directing and editing. He brings life to the script. The attention to detail he has is great. When the script was cut I wasn’t sure it would still be effective with its message, but Jay made it work.

Today, Jay and I have been going over various rough cuts of the video trying to decide where to cut scenes so we shorten the length of the video. We went back and forth on a few parts. What’s tough is you know you may have to cut a scene that features one of the actors. That actor volunteered their time and put all their energy into that scene to make it good. You want the actor to be recognized, but you also have to be cognizant of your allotted time in service.

In the end, I think Jay’s edits are solid. While the video is campy, which is what we intended, it is still enjoyable. It sets the stage for the message. It’s a fun, lighthearted video. Perhaps we’ll do an extended cut of the video and post it online.

Ready for the long weekend. I managed to make real progress on the next bumper video, and some other projects so I won’t be rushed next week when we start back up on Tuesday.

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