Last season I made some fearless prognostications about the Huskers that turned out spot on. (click here to read the post from last year) Granted, I don’t think it was too difficult to make last year’s predictions. So what about this season? Once again, barring serious injury here’s what I think will happen.

Florida Atlantic
Arkansas State
Texas Tech
Iowa State
Kansas State


Virginia Tech

I’m guardedly optimistic on the Huskers this season, even though I still think 2010 is set up great for the Huskers. (Tom Shatel said it today, I said it last season. I’m sure others, like Shatel, said it as well before.) However, 2010 is a year away.

Coach Bo Pelini continues to reestablish the the “Husker way” after it was removed by Bill Callahan. I think the Huskers are better than last year, but the schedule does not favor the Huskers. Last year the Huskers had Virginia Tech, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado come play in Lincoln and went 2-2 in those games. Of course, Nebraska plays them all on the road this year and those four games will dictate the season.

(I know some are talking up Baylor, but until Baylor beats Nebraska I’ll continue to view Baylor as…Baylor.)

I think Nebraska can win each of those games. Perhaps nobody gives the Huskers a chance against Virginia Tech, but I think the Huskers should have won that game last season. The Huskers are better, the coaching staff is better, and I think the team is better equipped for road games. Still, they have to execute the gameplan.

If Nebraska can go 2-2 in those four toss-up games, and everything else goes as I expect, then Nebraska ends the season 9-3.

They need to win at least one of those four toss-up games. The most likely win in my opinion? Colorado. After that, I think the most likely win would come against Missouri, then Kansas, and then finally Virginia Tech.

Granted, my optimism depends partially on a starting quarterback who has played only a handful of snaps. The Huskers are still thin at some positions, but if they can stay healthy and the young players continue to develop they should be fine.

Am I copping out by not predicting more with those four toss-up games? Well, I’d like to see how Zac Lee does quarterbacking before saying more.

Regardless, the team continues to be headed in the right direction. Looking forward to watching the first game this Saturday.

Go Big Red!

2 thoughts on “The 2009 Huskers’ Season Will Be…

  1. I am with you Robert. 2009 is a better team with a tougher schedule. I would be thrilled with 9-3. A win on the road at Virginia Tech might launch us into a season that exceeds expectations, but I would be happy with 2-2 in the toss up games. Zach Lee will be fine. Go Huskers.


  2. I was pleasantly surprised by the Huskers performance. I know Pelini will have the defense playing better as the season progresses. I think 9 wins is attainable if there are no key injuries.


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