One of my favorite one-liners from the recent Jim Gaffigan special, King Baby, was at the opening of the show. He made reference to Pearl Jam in the mid 90’s when they attempted to break up the monopoly Ticketmaster had on concert venues and ticket prices. Contrast that with the notice I receive today about Pearl Jam having an exclusive with Target regarding their upcoming album release. Something about that made me laugh.

Still, the funniest partnership in the music arena was Bruce Springsteen and Wal-Mart. His backtracking on the partnership was great, and predictable.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve lost respect for Pete Rose. (click here)

I don’t understand Hollywood. Or, can you explain why they are making a sequel to Hancock?

I like what Trev Alberts, Athletic Director at UNO, is doing and saying with regard to UNO athletics. (click here)

It’s saying something when Joe Posnanski consider the 2009 Kansas City Royals the worst Royals team he has ever watched play.

I liked how 37Signals coined the term “little green lies”. Lies that mask how something isn’t all-natural or environmentally friendly. A product boasts that it is “98% all-natural”. Guess what, that means the product isn’t all-natural. What’s in that 2%?

More and more news is trickling out with Toy Story 3, which I’m looking forward to seeing on my birthday next year. Can’t say I’m as excited for Cars 2: World Grand Prix, but I know Liam will want to see it. (click here)

Unfortunately, is Nebraska developing an infamous tradition with its running backs? Quite the banner day, yesterday, to see on the main page of links to articles about Thunder Collins being found guilty of murder and Quentin Castille being kicked off the team.

Still, stoked for the beginning of the Huskers season. One reason why? I can watch more of the games on cable and pay-per-view (if I wanted).

As always, great food and fellowship from Amsterdam. If you haven’t been here yet, treat yourself to a meal here.

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