Sink or swim, Avatar will be THE movie/pop culture event this holiday season. James Cameron, director of Titanic and The Abyss, has potentially produced a game changer in cinema with Avatar. Why? Because of the innovative technology used in the film. It’s one of the first films to use 3D virtual cameras which can produce images that simulate human sight.

The teaser trailer was released online today. While some are saying it isn’t that good, I am excited for the film. Of course the trailer is going to seem a disappointment. No one is seeing it in 3D. Watching the trailer you can see the potential and how Cameron has crafted this world. If the 3D technology is up to the excellence everyone talks about, people will truly feel in the world.

Cameron can rub people the wrong way with some of his pronouncements, but he makes visually stunning films. Avatar should continue in that excellence.

Here is the link to the teaser trailer site on Apple. (click here)

Here is the link to the official movie site. (click here)

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