It’s been way too long… Kabob and fries… So good!

Well, there’s go the Red Sox season. It reminds me of their 2006 campaign, which gives me hope for next season. In 2006 they missed the playoffs, but in 2007 they won the World Series.

Last Thursday and Friday I was at the annual Leadership Summit. It’s put on by Willow Creek and broadcast to satellite sites around the world. There was a lot of great teaching from a great lineup of speakers. It deserves a separate post, but I wanted to make mention of David Gergen. Gergen is a former White House adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton, and is now an analyst for CNN and a Harvard professor. As someone who enjoys reading about politics, it was fascinating to listen to him share his insight and wisdom from his experience.

How does one “Buy America” in this day and age? I read an example on that talked about a current American icon, the iPod. 451 parts comprise the iPod that come from dozens of nations. It is put together in China. However, 14,000 Americans have their jobs because of the iPod. So, if you buy American, should you be buying an iPod?

I recently posted about how someone googled “What kind of pastor is Robert Murphy in Omaha Nebraska”. That was good, but some people had some fun with it because I got all sorts of great Google searches with my name last week. Made me laugh this morning.

This morning was productive in learning the software Motion. I had a frustrating Saturday trying to work with it, but think I made real progress this morning at work. I hope I can crank out the animation now.

I first heard about Kiva at Big Omaha, but then I heard the full story about the organziation from one of its founders, Jessica Jackley, at Leadership Summit. Check Kiva out.

Found out the alleged name of the first episode of season six of Lost, LA X.

Despite the jokes about the Red Sox not having won the World Series since 1918, they still have won the World Series more than every other organization except the Yankees, Cardinals and Athletics.

I still haven’t managed to catch up on all things while I was in China. One thing being the blog and Facebook comments I got while overseas. This isn’t much, but thanks to all of you who take the time to read this blog and comment on what I say. I do appreciate it. It’s also humbling as I bump into more and more people who read this. Thanks!

Man, Amsterdam is so good. It’s much better than its Chinese equivalent.

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