Some of what I’ve been reading on the internets lately that I’ve found interesting, insightful and/or enjoyable.

The Gospel According To Battlestar Galactica – A link to a blog post that links to a recent podcast in which USC Professor Diane Winston discusses how storytelling has gone to a new level with television shows like Battlestar Galacitca, Lost and more.

I tell people that Battlestar Galactica is one of the best shows ever that discusses themes and principles from the Bible. It tackles topics in life that many people do not want to address. Still, people don’t care about the show because of its name. I tell them they like shows that have more sci-fi than this show, but it doesn’t matter. They think it can’t be serious because it takes place in space. They have no idea.

(By the way, Battlestar Galactica was named Program Of The Year by the Television Critics Association over such shows like Mad Men and Lost.)

In Study, Texting Lifts Crash Risk By Large Margin by Matt Richtel – If you text while driving it is 23 times more likely you will crash.

Gamble tomorrow for today? That’s the decision GM’s must make by Joe Posnanski – Baseball GM’s know the perilous process of trading prospects for proven players. The Red Sox have traded away Heathcliff Slocumb for Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe. The Red Sox also traded away Curt Schilling and Jeff Bagwell, when they were prospects, for short term gains. Was it the best in the long term?

‘You Are Terrifying Us’ by Peggy Noonan – Noonan examines the difficulties and realities facing Democrats as they try and pass health care reform.

Everybody Agrees…Twitter & Facebook are Bad by Tim Stevens – Some of the backlash and criticism against social networks from Christians is comical, and unfortunately ignorant as well. Tim’s post does a good job of addressing why he uses social networks in his ministry.

Sixty numbers for 60 NBA years by Steve Aschburner – A nice quickie history of the NBA by the numbers.

The Wink Glasses: As good as caffeine? by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore – You blink less when you are tired or bored. These glasses help you back to alertness.

In New York, It’s The Summer That Isn’t by Sam Roberts – For only the second time in 140 years, it failed to reach 90 degrees in June or July in New York City.

3 amigos get suds; she gets scorn by Roger Simon – The woman who called 911 which started the incident between Harvard professor Henry Gates and Cambridge police officer James Crowley has been targeted by people in the aftermath.

The next face of Berkshire? by Virgil Larson – Speculation grows that David Sokol will succeed Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway, thus keeping the company in Omaha.

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