I had over 2000 posts in my Google Reader when I came back from China. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go through them all. I’m sure I missed a lot of interesting stuff, but there’s always great content being produced by someone.

Here’s some of what I’ve found interesting and/or enjoyable to read over the past few days.

A Health ‘Reform’ to Regret by George Will – With his usual thorough and logical approach, Will explains the idiocy behind wanting modern medicine at 1960’s prices.

Was 1984 the greatest year in movies ever? by Chris Nashawaty – A fun retrospective at the variety of film classics and bombs that were released in 1984.

China steps back from one-child policy by Jane Macartney – Another positive sign that China is changing, parents in Shanghai are now allowed to have more than one child.

Don’t be so quick to make McNair a hero by Jason Whitlock – One of the few columnists that was willing to address the ugly truth about Steve McNair’s death, and absentee fathers as well.

The Moon We Left Behind by Charles Krauthammer – A look back on the Apollo moon program as America continues to recede from space exploration.

Comic-Con: A Massive Round-up Of All Our Comic-Con Coverage – The website /Film posts a detailed launching point for all things relating to the just finished Comic-Con 2009. What is Comic-Con? A pop culture mecca.

Henderson unsung as great teammate by Jerry Crasnick – With the induction of Rickey Henderson into the Baseball Hall of Fame, I thought it would be good to have an article on him. If you were to fill out an all-time baseball lineup, Henderson would be batting leadoff.

Common Sense May Sink ObamaCare by Peggy Noonan – A look into the public’s trepidation with government’s Health Care reform.

A ‘Band-Aid’ for the NBA Offseason by Bill Simmons – One of my favorite movies of all-time, Almost Famous, is used as a reference throughout Simmons piece on the current state of the NBA.

Avatar is screened at Comic-Con. Minds are blown. by Nicole Sperling – Anticipation heightens for the upcoming James Cameron film that could reinvent cinema.

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