Well, I started out the week at a three-self church in Beijing, and end it in my living room in Omaha. Last night I was finally able to get a full night’s sleep, with the help of Jana running interference with the boys this morning.

The mental and emotional transition back into life here has been a bit more difficult than usual. I think part of it stems from being so acutely focused on the Kingdom Color special audio feature the month prior to going to China. I didn’t really interact with too many people at work during that time. So, it took a few days to get use to working with coworkers and doing collaborative work again. I know that sounds funny, but the Kingdom Color project and the China trip were pretty much reliant upon me. And, I had no break in-between them.

There’s been then reentry into parenthood and work. Think I’m adjusting well. And, I’ve managed to quell any spiritual pride. When we were about to leave China, I warned the team about coming back to America and becoming arrogant. It can easily happen when you deal with people who seemingly complain about trivial matters and you want to say, “You know, I just worked with abandoned children, overseas, who have nothing and yet they manage to have joy.”

Working at a church, you can hear some ridiculous complaints, or be in meetings where you are bored out of your mind, and it can be tempting to pull out your “ministry work” as some sort of trump card. (The card being, “Oh yeah, I was just ministering…”. Fill-in-the-blank.) But usually it doesn’t help matters. And while dealing with the minutiae of a church can be tedious at times, it is necessary for the health and vitality of the church. For example, I don’t envy the jobs Leslie Feeney or Doni Gregory have at CCC, but am grateful they are doing those positions with excellence. I don’t think meetings about security or facilities are a big blast, but thank God we have personnel that deal with those things with seriousness and excellence.  Why is CCC doing well? Because we have people who are willing to deal with the nitty-gritty. Another example, why do I have what I consider great insurance benefits? Because of coworkers willing to immerse themselves in the *fun* that is the health care industry. Why is CCC financially impeccable? Because of coworkers and volunteers who make sure every penny is accounted for and that every purchase is right. If I have to take the time to explain a tech purchase, so be it if it means we are continually above reproach on financial matters. I’ll do that any time.

I’ll put it like this, you never heard of a preacher or ministry that fell due to being part of an effectively run organization.

Got off on a bit of a tangent there…

The series Straight From Jesus is going on right now. Because of the workload with the Kingdom Color project I wasn’t able to produce the bumper videos for the series. However, I’m now working on twelve bumper videos for the upcoming series on the life of David, Where Is God When. What I like about this project is the opportunity to work with Jen Johnson and Christine Gerhart. People associate me with writing, but I think Jen has all sorts of great writing skills that she’s been given opportunity to display now. She’s writing the scripts for these videos, and Christine is doing her usual amazing art for the series. It can be easy to take for granted her work. I’ll be learning new software, Motion 3,  in putting together the bumper videos. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

More to come…

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