I had planned on going straight to bed when I came home this evening, but then I opened up my suitcase and caught a whiff of what I must have smelled like every day in China. Not good. A mixture of sweat and ashtray, which isn’t pleasant to say the least. So, I’m doing a load of laundry right now.

It’s weird being back. Last night I went to bed in Beijing, and now I’m laying in my own bed with Phoenix (my cat) following my every step. With the exception of a 30-60 minute nap, I’ve been up for 32 hours. I haven’t eaten in 24 hours. I thought my body was just shutting down on me at one point while at O’Hare International Airport. And, I’ll be driving 7 hours tomorrow to pick up Jana and the boys. (Obviously, that’s worth it.)

I know the team is glad to be back, and looking forward to seeing family, but I’ll miss some of the conversations I had with team members. I appreciated the honesty and vulnerability some of them showed me when talking about life, God, family and more.

I think I’m going to go outside now and look at the stars. Joe was driving Eva and I home and we were commenting on things that were different from Beijing. Eva mentioned that we can see the stars here, which I never had considered. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the moon or stars when in Beijing. I’m going to go appreciate that now, take a few deep breats of clean air, finish up a few things and then sleep.

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