Well, we’re at Gate C18 waiting for our flight to Beijing. We only have a four hour layover here, and then a fourteen hour flight to Beijing. Good times.

Normally the flights to Beijing aren’t that bad, but when two of the movie selections on this flight are Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Evolution…well, it may be a really long flight. I did bring seven books for this trip. Yeah, that isn’t a typo. Why? Wasn’t sure what I’d want to read. Of course, on the flight to Chicago I listened to a This American Life podcast. Good thing I brought all the books.

Joe Hearn and I have already been quoting all jokes by Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan and Mitch Hedberg relating to airports, flying and hotels.

Team is in good spirits. Of course, it is the first day. 😉

Already we’ve had warnings about the swine flu here at the gate. Please be praying that we stay healthy so no one gets quarantined or is sick and misses out on the trip.

Here’s Joe, Eva Rhoades and I at the gate…

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