Well, after a couple of weeks of non-stop work, I finally finished the podcast I’d been producing. What is it in the end? It’s an audio feature that details Omaha’s racial historiography. Here’s what we say on the website about it:

Broadening the understanding of the racial historiography in Omaha, Nebraska, five voices share their provocative personal stories. These stories rooted in the origins of Christ’s love offer perspective for the breadth of this controversial and always complex social reality. Speaking to all who are outraged by inequality, these voices provide a rich resource for understanding.

I was grateful to work on this project. It taught me a lot about Omaha’s civil rights history, which isn’t pretty. It also has me wondering what Omaha’s future will be. Will the city continue to be racially segregated? Will people in West Omaha continue to believe myths about the rest of Omaha when it comes to schools, crime and more? Can parts of North Omaha be restored?

Another great thing about this project? I was able to meet and talk with some great people. I wouldn’t have been able to do this project with excellence without them. I am grateful they took the time to be interviewed for this project and were open, honest and vulnerable about the issues that were discussed. They are:

  • Willie Barney, founder of Empower Omaha
  • Ron Dotzler, founder of Abide Ministries
  • John Heaston, publisher of The Reader
  • Larry Menyweather-Woods, pastor and professor of Black Studies at UNO
  • Stan Rone, pastor of The Worship Center

My coworkers, and good friends, Tim Perry and Andre Sims were awesome throughout this project. I am grateful for their insight and input. We had many conversations throughout this project, and it was fun to work with them.

Also, I’m thankful for Carol Nigrelli for working with me on this project. She did most of the interviews, narrated the podcast and helped with the script.

Lutheran Film Associates was gracious enough to let me use three clips from the documentary A Time For Burning. Magnatune was a great resource for music, which I came across from the game Braid. One musicisan we used a lot was Jami Sieber. Here’s a sample of some of her music.

So, with all that said, please check it out by clicking here. It’s titled “Kingdom Color Audio Feature”. It’s only 34 minutes. Let me know what you think, good or bad.


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