In the midst of preparation for China I can always make time for some curry fries and mayo…

I’ve tried to sleep in these past few days, since Jana and the boys are gone, but it has been to no avail. I doubt I’ll get much sleep in China either.

Hoping to see the new Harry Potter film in China. Why you ask? Well, why not. (I have priorities for my time over there.)

I don’t think LeBron comes off well with Nike confiscating the tape of him getting dunked on at a camp.  It makes him look small, and the story has become an exponentially bigger deal because of the tapes getting confiscated at Nike or (allegedly) LeBron’s request.

Nice to see Red Sox fans give Nomar a warm reception when he returned to Fenway. He was one of my favorite baseball players at one point. I did make me laugh hearing his revisionist history about the contract dispute he had with Boston. He turned down a few offers from the organization, appeared to not care about the team anymore, and was promptly traded.

I tweeted about this before, but I’m not sure what I think about the Oscars expanding the Best Picture field to ten nominees. While it will be nice for more deserving films to get some recognition, does it water it down a bit? Are there really ten films each year that deserve to be in the running? I think it goes back to the nominations. *Serious* films are getting nominated over more deserving films that aren’t deemed serious films. Two examples from last year are The Dark Knight and Wall-E. This next year, this probably means Up gets nominated, but does it also mean Star Trek gets nominated? I enjoyed Star Trek, but it should not be nominated as a Best Picture nominee.

Looking forward to ESPN’s 30 for 30. (click here)

Hopefully Omaha and Nebraska set it up to make it more friendly for tv and film productions to shoot here. (click here)

As always, Amsterdam hits the spot. Wonder if I’ll be able to find anything similar in Beijing?

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