It’s nice to have a few minutes and enjoy a meal. Work has been busy the past few days and weeks while working on this podcast discussing Omaha’s racial history. Yesterday I finally thought I could see the end. Don’t get me wrong, the project has been highly rewarding to me. I just want to finish it so I can get it out to the public.

Yeah, and once I finish up this project I head off to China. Perhaps in August I’ll be able to get a break to write more!

If you have read this blog lately you know how I’ve pointed out some of the ridiculous concepts that are being made into movies. My previous post was a parody of potential films based off toys from the 80’s, due to the success of Transformers. And now what comes across this wire? A movie based on the arcade game Asteroids.

I was a big fan of fireworks when I was a kid, but not so much anymore. Lately, it has to do with neighbors blowing stuff up in the evening and thus waking up Liam. Liam wakes up scared and starts crying. Only three more nights to deal with this.

Bill Simmons latest podcast, with guest Chuck Klosterman, is great. Chuck’s take on the attention given by media and people in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death is dead on.

I wish Chuck had a podcast.

I hope Roger Federer wins Wimbledon this year.

I’ve lost track at 50, but I have at least that many tabs open in my browser right now. Each tab represents something I want to comment about on the blog. I’m way behind on writing, and so much more, with my current project at work. Perhaps I can catch up on the flight over to Beijing one week from tomorrow.

Once again, props to Amsterdam. I enjoy coming in here not over the lunch hour. I can relax more and enjoy coversation with the owners.

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