Lately, life has been packed full, but it has been fun and productive. It does push some smaller projects to the side, like keeping up the blog and other social networks.

I’ll be writing a more thorough post on the project, but I am enjoying producing the podcast on Omaha’s racial history.  We finished interviewing people earlier in the week, and now I am in process of logging and transcribing information from the interview. It’s a tedious process, but it’s great to hear the interviews once again. All five people we interviewed are great, and we hope the conversation continues on after we release the podcast.

What was fun yesterday was following the updates on the USA v. Spain soccer match in the Confederation Cup while I was working. Spain is the #1 team in the world and USA is, well, the USA. USA has talent, but can’t consistently play up to their talent against the best teams in these tournaments. Sure enough, USA was bad in its first two games in the Confederation Cup group play, but managed to sneak into the semifinals with a huge 3-0 win over Egypt and then Italy lost to Brazil by 3 goals. This gave USA the tiebreaker.  No one gave USA a chance against Spain, but USA was the better team throughout the match. Now, USA plays in the finals. This provides a glimmer of hope that the USA can perform well at next summer’s World Cup. For more on the historic win you can read Grant Wahl’s thoughts here, Steve Davis’ thoughts here, and get some English coverage by clicking here.

Glad to see LSU win the College World Series again, and to do it by beating Texas. I’ve witnessed four CWS championship games/series in person with LSU, and LSU has won all four.

Omaha is apparently #14 on worst cities for allergies according to The Weather Channel. Yeah!

I was glad to see certain GOP groups not make a big deal about Tony Hawk skating the hallways of the White House. (click here) There are a thousand more things the GOP needs to worry about than someone allegedly disrespecting the country and its founding fathers by skating the White House hallways.

Keeping it with the GOP, their politicians in general should just drop “family values” from their campaigns until they stop being hypocrites. They do a disservice to their followers, and more importantly to Jesus who they invoke. Some of their followers may decry a bias against the GOP when these scandals flare up, but the GOP positions itself as a party of “moral clarity” and “family values”. When that is your calling card, and you are jetsetting around the globe being a playboy, perhaps the “family values” issue is not one you want to advocate. It’s not a matter of if, but rather when the next scandal will come involving a prominent GOP and/or evangelical Christian leader.

I know we all have sin, and are hypocrites to a varying degree, but being a public leader means being held to a higher standard and scrutiny. As well, I know it can be incredibly difficult for a leader to get trusted accountability on an issue in which they struggle with temptations. It’s a big reason why more people haven’t come forward with their struggles.

Stoked for the upcoming Double Your Impact vision campaign at Christ Community Church. More details to come…

It’s nice to have a late lunch at Amsterdam and enjoy some curry fries and mayo. Plus, Radiohead is playing in the background, which is always good. (Congrats to one of the owners who just had a baby girl!)

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