Rainy day in Omaha. Welcome all you CWS fans…

It was a lot of fun watching the Red Sox come back to beat the Yankees last night. After Pedroia drew a 10-pitch walk from Sabathia, I think all Red Sox fans had a feeling they’d come back to win. 8-0 on the season agains the Yankees is great, and it’s entertaining as heck to hear from Yankees fans, but I hope Boston finishes the season well.

At any point I expect the Yankees to put Joba Chamberlain back in the bullpen. The Yankees relief pitching is killing them. Well, their pitching in general is hurting them. If Joba is in the pen, it’s unlikely the Yankees lose last night.

David Ortiz batting sixth seems to be helping out the team, and Big Papi. Still, probably wouldn’t hurt to trade for another bat. Not as automatic that Ortiz plays when Boston plays in NL parks now, though.

Lots of good movies coming out, but the most interesting will be Avatar. This is James Cameron’s new movie, his first since Titanic. The budget for it is already over $300 million dollars. The project has been shrouded in secrecy, but details are starting to trickle out about the project. Want to know more? /Film has an article on what we know about the project so far (click here), Entertainment Weekly had a write-up about the movie and its tie-in videogame (click here), and Time discussed the film in talking about the emergence of 3D technology in movies again (click here).

I know the things David Letterman said about Sarah Palin and her family were out of line. What do you expect from a late-night comic? This is par for the course with comics and politicians, and to think she’s being unfairly maligned is a bit naive in my opinion. Former President Bill Clinton was mocked and destroyed by comedians, Saturday Night Live, Christians, the GOP and so many more for his philandering. His daughter, Chelsea, was picked on for every thing, which was hard because she was a teenager at the time of his presidency. I was in Arkansas for six years of Clinton’s presidency (Arkansas being Clinton’s home state) and heard a lot of jokes about Chelsea made by Christians. I’m not proud to say I laughed along with the jokes at times. (For an informational piece on the difficulties of being a teenager in the White House, click here.)

I think most of us thought Letterman was referring to Bristol Palin in his joke and not Willow Palin, who is underage. (That’s what I thought of when I heard the joke.) Of course, part of the background on the joke is the Palin family being outspoken Christians and non-Christians finding it hypocritical that Bristol Palin (a Christian) is an unwed mother who at one time said abstinence was “not realistic at all”.

When you are a politician, and a politician on a national level, you have to know this is part of the deal. You have to know you are going to be a target, and that when your family plays a prominent role it is going to be targeted as well. (Like when your Christian eighteen year old daughter has a kid out of wedlock and then does the talk show circuit, promoting abstinence, she might be a target of comics and commentators.)

Right or wrong, fair or unfair, when you are a politican you are going to be picked on, and those around you will be picked on as well. And, there will be the rude, crude and inappropriate jokes. This faux shock at the situation, by Palin’s supporters, is almost comical considering some of the things said about former Presidents Bush and Clinton, and their families, over the past sixteen years.

(Let us also note the recent criticisms that have come at Meghan McCain from Republicans over her weight.)

Palin spokeswoman, Meg Stapleton, wasn’t really above reproach when she insinuated that David Letterman is a threat to Palin’s 14 year old daughter, Willow. Gov. Palin repeated the insinuation on The Today Show this morning. (While it is understandable to have parental indignation and protection for your children, I think Gov. Palin is using the situation to her political benefit as well.)

Why do Christians hold people to standards they don’t hold to each other? Why should Christians expect those who aren’t Christians to abide by Christian standards?

I would hope those on a rightheousness trip over this whole Letterman-Palin escapade would remember this moment when they want to denigrate a Democrat or some other individual. You can’t have it both ways, especially those who proclaim to be Christians. Even those who aren’t Christians will hear you and hold you to your standard. Yes, we are all sinners and yes Christians are all hypocrites to varying degrees. Christians don’t need to be providing ammunition to be used against them.

Me? I’d be praying for Bristol Palin, and the rest of the Palin kids. If we had to live out our lives on a national stage like she has to, how would we come off to the world? Every mistake magnified exponentially. Remember how you were when you were seventeen and eighteen years old? Yikes. (Heck, even now it’s probably a good thing I’m not on a national stage!) That’s the one thing with politics that always comes to mind whenever I’ve daydreamed about what it would be like to be a politician. I wouldn’t want to drag my family through the mud, stress and pressure.

Yes, definitely some ramblings there…

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