Even though I couldn’t make it out to Willow Creek’s Arts Conference, I submitted five videos we’ve produced here, at CCC, into their film festival. I thought our five entries were solid, and I thought Sara’s Pregnancy stood the best chance of performing well at the film festival.

The festival is relatively new, they didn’t have it when I went to the conference in 2006. Last year we found out about it just after the deadline had passed, which disappointed us because we had some great animations to submit last year. (5 Minutes After and Joshua Typography) We had some great animation work again, for this year, but it wasn’t necessarily work that would do well at a festival.

I submitted one of our commercials from the Defining Moments series. Greg and I are proud of the animation, but we thought the 0:15 second brevity of it would hinder its performance in the film festival. However, as I was watching the Red Sox sweep the Yankees last night, I received a tweet that our commercial was played in the film festival. Nice. So, here is the commercial again, and here is the post with some of my original storyboards for the commercial.

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