Earlier in the week I came across this trailer of an upcoming game, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Someone described it as possibly the best two minutes of Star Wars footage ever. Here it is and I’ll post some random thoughts afterwards.

  • The footage and story is great, but it is also a reminder of how much George Lucas ruined the recent Star Wars films. (Let’s add Return of the Jedi as well because in the words of Hurley, “ewoks suck, dude”.)
  • One thing that made me laugh with this trailer was the Matrix-like aspects of it since The Matrix wade Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace seem comical. (The Matrix was released one month before The Phantom Menace and its action, story and effects were beyond the alleged industry standard of Lucas’ Star Wars inception.)
  • It’s almost painful now to watch the original trilogy because any of the jedis are slow and stodgy.
  • I don’t know if Lucas cares that most think he’s ruined the Star Wars films because, for instance, he gets a reported 15% on all Hasbro Star Wars toys sold. So much of what Lucas does now seems to be guided by merchandising.
  • When Lucas gets out of the way, great stories emerge in the Star Wars universe. Best film in the series, The Empire Strikes Back, he didn’t write the screenplay nor did he direct it.
  • For any Star Wars thing to be cool now it has to steer clear of the prequel trilogy. This game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, takes place 3,700 years before the events of the Star Wars films.
  • Do you think someone will remake the prequel trilogy of films someday? I hope so. Even if they have to retcon some of the Star Wars history I don’t think most Star Wars would mind.

So, this trailer looks great, but all I think of is how the Star Wars films are a punchline nowadays. And, if this trailer represents the best footage in the Star Wars universe, what does that ultimately say about the films?

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