Greg Nunamaker sent me this video and I thought it beautifully illustrated the power of the 3:12:120 pattern. It starts off with one guy dancing on his own. After while a second guy joins him. I think the second guy is mocking the first guy, but the first guy is undeterred. Then a third guy joins the party and then, well, you’ll see. The power of three explodes. (Or, if we were at camp, we’d sing, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.”)

Original story is found here.

2 thoughts on “The Power of 3

  1. Ok! So the CRAZY thing here is we just finished an awesome conference hosted by our church and one of the speakers talked about the significance of 3:12:120. I'm not sure he could actually use this video, but it sure seems uncanny that I'm seeing it just as those meetings wrap up!


  2. I've been surprised how much I've heard about the concept, and the video, in recent days. Seth Godin blogged about the video the day after I posted, and Godin has quite the following.



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