Some of what I’ve been reading lately…

Using Psychology To Save You From Yourself by Alix Spiegel
– Behavioral economics and how it is helping teen pregnancy to drop in Greensboro, NC. How is this happening? By paying teenage girls $1 a day for every day they are not pregnant.

What I Saw at Tiananmen by Claudia Rosset – Twenty years after the massacre at Tiananmen Square, Claudia Rosset reflects on what she witnessed during the student demonstrations and subsequent crackdown.

It’s Cold Cash, Not Cold Feet, Motivating Runaway Brides In China by Mei Fong – China’s one-child policy continues to have negative repurcussions.

Why the new Brad Pitt film is right on the ‘Money’ by Patrick Goldstein – The famed book Moneyball, which chronicles Billy Beane’s approach as a baseball general manager, will be made into a film starring Brad Pitt. Russ Fischer posts on more about the project, for instance how animation will be included.

Diversity hot topic at learning community meeting by Joe Dejka – So why am I producing a podcast on Omaha’s history with regard to race? Is there even a need to educate and inform people at CCC? Read on…

Hobbit Round Up – How Will the Two Films Be Divided, Will they Bridge Lord of the Rings, and Who is Going to Play Bilbo? by Brendon Connelly – Some news on The Hobbit from director Guillermo del Toro.

Pixar Confirms Monsters Inc Sequel? by Peter Sciretta – Remember my post on the Pixar films and how I said that Monsters, Inc. sets up well for a sequel? (click here to read post) Looks like that will be a reality.

When great ones go, it might hurt us more than it does them by Bill Simmons – The rapid decline of David Ortiz’s baseball skills has Red Sox fans hoping against reality.

‘Worse Than Fiction’ by Wall Street Journal – I call myself a pragmatic environmentalist, and as someone put it this column is a case study in bad science and global warming alarmism.

Green With Guilt by George Will – How acts of alleged environmentalism really only benefit the individual sometimes and not the planet.

Think Twice About ‘Green Transport’, Say Scientists by AFP – How green transports actually do more harm to the environment than a SUV.

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