Man, this doner kabob hits the spot…

I don’t see how you can argue Pete Sampras as being a better tennis player than Roger Federer at this point. That doesn’t take anything away from Pete, but Roger has been one of the two best players on all surfaces over the past six years. 20 straight Grand Slam semifinals? 19 Grand Slam finals? 14 Grand Slams? I’ve seriously thought about writing a post going into more detail about Federer’s dominance.

Jim Suttle isn’t off to the best start as mayor, and he hasn’t even taken office yet.

It’s been twenty years since the massacre at Tiananmen Square. (click here)

Looking forward to the CWS. Hopefully I can get to an Arkansas game, but I won’t do the hog call.

I think LeBron walking off the court after Cleveland lost in the Eastern Conference Finals is being just a tad bit overblown. It’s just something for commentators to fill time with. I didn’t even realize it was expected of basketball players to do so. The only league that actually has a tradition of it is the NHL in the playoffs.

I also think the Cavaliers not making the NBA Finals also enhances LeBron and why he won the MVP. If you take LeBron off the Cavs, do you think that team will be anywhere near the best record in the league? No.

No changes yet to my Pixar top ten, but I should note that the day after I posted it I went to the zoo. Almost all the time I go to the zoo, and walk through the aquarium, I hear at least one Finding Nemo reference.

Back to work. Amsterdam is back online at

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