Last December I posted about some of the numbers behind my Facebook friends. Well, it’s six months later and I’ve added over 100 Facebook friends. What do the numbers say now, and compared with six months ago?

These numbers track Facebook friends I last talked to verbally.

Facebook friends talked to in:
Past month – 58 (13.3%, +2.6%)
1-6 months – 49 (11.3%, -2.4%)
6-12 months – 36 (8.3%, -1.4%)
12-24 months – 19 (4.4%, +0.7%)
2-5 years – 21 (4.8%, -4.9%)
5-10 years – 59 (13.6%, -11.7%)
10-15 years – 81 (18.6%, +6.9%)
15+ years – 37 (8.5%, +2.2%)
Never talked to – 75 (17.2%, +8.1%)

So, what do these numbers say? Well, I think it establishes further how online communication is preferred by a lot of people. I was surprised that I’ve never talked to 17% of my Facebook friends verbally, but I do communicate with a number of them consistently. This is especially the case with Twitter. And, I’ve removed some Facebook friends in the past few months because I didn’t know who they were and what their connection to me was. (I usually accept all friend requests.)

The recent jump in Facebook users also increased the number of people I haven’t talked to in awhile. I reconnected with people from when I was at Dundee Elementary to when I was a missionary.

Even though I work at a church with over 3,000 in attendance on any given Sunday, and I handle all our social media at work, I don’t connect with a lot of CCC people online. While there is a jump in boomers using social media, it still lags behind younger generations. CCC skews a bit older so people are less likely to be online and involved with social media.

What is nice about Facebook? Well, you can stay connected with people. Considering 44% of my Facebook friends I haven’t talked to in over ten years, or never talked to, it is nice to be connected in some way.

What do you think? How is it with your Facebook friends?

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