Bit of an up-and-down week with work. I took this past Wednesday off since it was Duncan’s first birthday, and yesterday and today have seen me battle some sickness. Still, I think it has been productive.

This morning, Nick and I met with Carol Nigrelli. She’s a journalist who is going to help us with the podcast covering Omaha’s racial history. Her background will help us immensely as we interview people and craft the narrative for the podcast. I’m excited about this project, and everything relating to the upcoming series Kingdom Color.  Earlier in the week I went out to lunch with Tim Perry and Andre Sims and we discussed more about our various projects with Kingdom Color. We’ve been helping and supporting each other Those two are great and I think their class, Healing the Racial Divide (which starts this Sunday at CCC Old Mill), will be phenomenal.

You may wonder if this series, Kingdom Color, is even necessary. If you have time, like an hour, watch this documentary, A Time For Burning, and then ask yourself if this series is necessary. (click here to watch)

Nick, Greg and I continue to improve upon CCC’s online presence. One big thing we’ve done is add service videos. We set up a channel on Vimeo so people can watch the message now. We still have it available for audio download and podcast, but sometimes it can be easier to follow a message when watching it.

Summer is suppose to be a slower time for us in Communications, but there is a steady stream of work. The upcoming series on David, a new website, this podcast I’m working on, CCC capital campagin, there is a lot happening within the team. Plus, I’m headed to China next month. Life is never dull here in the Communications Suite.

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