Some of what I’ve been reading lately…

On the Street and On Facebook: The Homeless Stay Wired by Phred Dvorak – Article detailing how those who are homeless utilize the Internet to help them out, and in some instances feel human despite their current state of affairs.

Rethinking Short-Term Missions by Bill Walsh – A five-part series on short-term missions that takes a critical look at it. As someone who has participated on and led short-term mission trips, and was a full-time missionary, I thought there was a lot of insightful things presented.

The jinx emails were expected; the Magic’s dominance was not by Joe Posnanski – When someone says the reason their favorite sports team lost is due to a curse I laugh. Then, I think this person chooses to be in denial because believing in some stupid curse is better than facing the facts and reality. The Sports Illustrated cover jinx is stupid. (Yeah, it really affected Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Muhammad Ali adversely.) Those who think their actions as fans affect their sports teams are idiotic. Is it fun to bring up? I guess, but I find it lazy on the part of sports writers who use it as a crutch in their “commentary”. (Oh yeah, this article is written by Joe Posnanski so that’s reason enough to read it.)

Epic by Joe Posnanski – Keeping it with the Cavaliers and Joe Posnanski, a great column on LeBron and his play in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. In my opinion, there is no doubt who the best basketball player in the world is right now, there is no doubt who you’d pick first if starting an NBA team next season. His team may not be in teh NBA Finals, but that is no fault of the best player in the league and world…LeBron James.

How technology lifts Pixar’s Up by Daniel Terdiman – How Pixar managed to animate 10,000 balloons and much more in their latest feature film. I was surprised to hear that many of the sequences in Up were the trickiest Pixar has ever encountered with their animation.

Obama in Bush Clothing by Charles Krauthammer – I wonder what President Barack Obama’s campaign would’ve been like if he would’ve run on the defense policies he now has in place. He only campaigned against the defense measures he now champions. I’m sure your perspective changes a bit when you become the President and receiving the daily briefings.

Book Review: The Patriot’s Bible (Part 1) by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd – I know they make a tailored Bible for everyone and everything nowadays, but that doesn’t mean it is always a good thing.

Crave Man by Lindsey Layton – A profile on Dr. David Kessler and how his research into food, especially unhealthy food, affects our brain and leads to our unhealthy diet.

The Climate-Industrial Complex by Bjorn Lomberg – Even within the environmentalist movement there are plenty of people looking to make a profit. Sometimes environmental policy is being driven by a business increasing their profits.

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