Productive week of work, even if there were a lot of IT interruptions.
Excited for the new Pixar film, Up. And, looking forward to the Toy Story 3 teaser trailer that is attached to it.

Scott Howard-Cooper brought up a brilliant point about how the Cleveland-Orlando playoff series could be much different if Cleveland would have agreed to trade for Shaquille O’Neal earlier in the season. Orlando is just destroying Cleveland inside. Even if Shaq isn’t what he use to be, he’s still much better than what Cleveland has currently to defend Dwight Howard. Would Shaq help on the offensive end of things as well? Who knows, but could it be worse than what Cleveland is employing now?

Perhaps Cleveland should’ve worked more on their offensive gameplans instead of elaborate pregame theatrics.

Boston losing in seven games to Orlando looks better and better. It almost seems obvious now that a healthy KG would’ve led Boston to the NBA Finals.

I know Big Papi has done a lot of great things for the Red Sox. Still, at what point does loyalty to the rest of the team, organization and fans win out over loyalty for David Ortiz? The Red Sox are one of the few teams that can win the World Series this season, but they aren’t going to win it if Ortiz keeps playing this horribly. When do you bench him? Jason Varitek isn’t the offensive player he once was, but he’s much better than Ortiz right now, and he is phenomenal at calling a game for his pitchers. If Ortiz can’t hit like he use to, the Red Sox HAVE to make a move to upgrade the DH spot.

The four-toed statue on Lost? Apparently it is Taweret. Only 108 more mysteries to be solved on the show.

I was one of the on-call pastors yesterday and someone called in wondering the reference in the Bible that predicts a nuclear bomb detonating and killing lots of people. What, you don’t recall that passage in the Bible? Don’t worry, neither do most individuals. However, people see passages in the Old Testament prophets, and in Revelations, that somehow mirror current events. (The caller wanted to know the passage to share with his coworkers about the Bible and how it relates to Iran and North Korea, showing wars have been predicted. Noble effort on his part in trying to share.) When the Chernobyl disaster happened there were a number of Christians that thought the Bible predicted the disaster. The tricky thing is no one ever predicts these specific events beforehand, but after the fact. (Bible Code anyone?) With wars happening, I like Jesus’ words which can be found in Matthew, Mark and Luke. You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. Wars, and talk of wars, don’t mean the end is near, but it seems as if every time there is talk of war people think “armageddon is nigh”. Not quite.

Whatever happened to swine flu? Much ado about nothing…

I would thoroughly enjoying seeing a sequel. I thought the first film was an underrated and underappreciated gem that did justice to the book.

I know I’ve said this before, but Joe Posnanski could be my favorite sports writer at the moment. Definitely my favorite writer when it comes to baseball, and I’m not sure who else is even comparable. (I think Peter Gammons is a bit overrated at this point. He’s still good, but living off his past. He’s earned it.)

Amsterdam is awesome. Hooked me up with free lunch! Nice.

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