Beautiful day here in Dundee…

We come to find out that the website College Humor may have spiked the state license plate contest by encouraging its readers to vote for the worst plate design. And the state government is crowing about how so many people voted in this contest. And really, we are bragging that the winning design came from the state’s license plate material vendor? Shouldn’t the NFL hire me in some capacity since I run a fantasy football league and my team has made the playoffs every year I’m involved?

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace came out ten years ago today. Also, ten years ago today, my dissatisfaction with George Lucas’ work began. I don’t know if I ever wanted something to be so good that turned out to be so bad. If a movie like The Hulk can be redone, can the Star Wars prequels? Then again, if Lucas’ main mission is merchandising, money and everything with the Star Wars universe outside the films, then mission accomplished.

So how long does one wait before publicly commenting on a tv show or movie? I know people don’t want to be spoiled, but at some point your “statute of limitations” runs out.

I’m looking to Sesame Street to help me out with my next video production. Could be really funny, or dead on arrival.

Celtics lost valiantly in the conference semifinals. They probably shouldn’t have even made it as far as they did. They defended their title well, but in the end just ran out of gas. Go LeBron!

I know scientists are proclaiming that the Missing Link has been found, but lets wait and examine the evidence before making any conclusions. I’m particularly interested to hear what Dr. Hugh Ross and his team have to say about the latest scientific find.

Wearing my new Threadless shirt today.

Curry fries and mayo…awesome. Amsterdam is great.

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