Lately at work, I’ve been working on a variety of pieces that will support three upcoming sermon series. Those being:
God Made You For This, Part 2 (GMYFT2)
Straight From Jesus
Where Is God When… (the life of David)

Today I turned in an animated video that will play this Sunday to kick off the series GMYFT2. It is a review of Part 1 of the series. I collaborated on it with Christine Gerhart and Mark Hennings. Mark is a college student who has been volunteering his services, and he animated and edited the piece from illustrations and text that Christine created. I provided direction to Mark, and got him the voiceover and music. It’s hard to encapsulate five weeks of sermons in ninety seconds, but I think we did a good job. Here’s a snapshot from the video.

Another video I am working on is a “Did You Know…” piece about the Bible. Some history, quotes and stats regarding the best-selling book of all-time. It’s simple in its delivery, but effective. (Obviously I think its effective as opposed to being ineffective.) I even used music by Radiohead with it. I’m trying to get approval to use the music so we can put the video up online it plays in service. This will play on May 24.

Sometimes I’ll spend a few days on a project only to see it get nixed, and that has happened again. I had been working on a piece that dealt with teams. A concept I came up with that contrasted Dream Teams, and I picked the 1980 U.S. Hockey Team and the 2002 U.S. Basketball Team. I spent a couple of days all together on it, but then the idea was scrapped because it wouldn’t have flowed well with the rest of the service. Hopefully some of the research can be used again in the future. The history of what made the hockey Dream Team so good and the basketball Dream Team so bad has a lot that can be learned from and applied to our lives.

Christine and I have been brainstorming ideas for a bumper video for the upcoming series Straight From Jesus. My initial idea was something along the lines of this (click here) and now we are at something in the neighborhood of this (click here). No, it is not going to be THAT. It’s going to be great. Christine has got some awesome ideas with it. Still a work in progress. Stay tuned…

And, I’m getting ready to write some devotionals for the upcoming series Where Is God When…, which will be this fall. The series will explore the life of David. A lot of our creative work this summer will be focused in on this series. This will be my third time writing for our devotionals. I usually tell Wendell to give me the topics and/or passages no one wants to tackle. Why did David lie? Well, you’ll get my take on it in the devotional! Last time I wrote four devotions. Not sure how many I’ll end up writing this time, but it will be fun nonetheless. I hope to do another 3D podcast with it, Daily Drivetime Devotional, like we did with Defining Moments.

Well, that’s some tidbits from work. Lots more, like always, waiting to be posted.

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