On my way home from Big Omaha and I was at a dead stop on I-80 West. Got off on 42nd St exit and made my way toward Dodge and realized I was hungry. Amsterdam, here I come.

Big Omaha has been good so far. The tough thing I realized was I’ve talked to a number of people in attendance online, but have no idea what they look like in real life.

The only downside so far? Working at a church can be an instant conversation killer. It’s usually easy to spot and the individual is looking for any opening to eject from talking to me.

Is it surprising that Manny Ramirez used performance enhancing drugs? Not really. Glad he didn’t get busted when he was with the Red Sox, but who believes he didn’t use when he was with Boston at this point?

Well, Amsterdam closes at 10 PM on Thursday nights and I’m getting the hint I should be going. More to come on Big Omaha.


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