I came across this video about the upcoming Star Trek film and found it hilarious.

This video also brought to mind one of my better ideas I’ve had while working at CCC, but was nixed for reasons that still aren’t clear. When the topic does come up, Nick and I still shake our heads over it.

Early in 2008 I was asked to come up with some ideas to promote the sermon series I Do, a series on relationships. I came up with a lot of movie themed ideas since a stereotypical date is going to the movies. Since I don’t think the idea will have the impact anymore, I’ll share it here. I had sketched out a recut trailer for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. However, instead of being an action film trailer I was going to recut the trailer to make it into a romantic comedy. It would’ve been genius. The term “Star Trek” is a commonly searched term in search engines and our video would’ve come up repeatedly. I knew the new Star Trek film would be coming out and the video would be ahead of the curve. And, recut/mashable videos were still not prevalent at the time.

However, some others thought there had been a lot of movie references in the previous services (late 2007/early 2008) so they thought it would be overkill to have a movie theme with the series. Understandable, but then throughout the series we continued to have movie references. The sermon series was great, but Nick and I still chuckle at the whole thing when the topic comes up.

So, no recut trailer and I’m sure there are now a thousand of them, with Star Trek as the subject matter, since recut trailers are in and Star Trek is one of the pop culture things of the moment.

Oh well…

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