(Please read entire post so you can find out how you can help me in a contest.)

What is Big Omaha? Big Omaha is an event put on by Silicon Prairie News. From their site:
It is where some of the nation’s leading innovators, entrepreneurs and creative minds gather — all in Omaha, Nebraska. One of the primary goals of the event is to challenge as well as motivate people from within our city (Omaha) and region to follow their passion, launch a new business or product, and simply work on what they love.

It is a conference I would like to attend for a variety of reason. One of the main reasons being I think it would be extremely beneficial to my work as the Art Director at Christ Community Church. My bosses agree, but because of recent budget constraints the church is not able to pay for staff to go to conferences right now. (Cost was $199 and now it is $219)

I was bummed out by this and had considered if paying out of pocket to go, but really couldn’t justify that with needs at home. So, I thought I was out of luck.

However, SPN decided to run a contest to give away a free pass for the conference. The contest was to come up with a name for their prairie dog mascot. I decided it was worth a shot and came up with the name “Analog”. The reasons for “Analog” I won’t spell out here, but I thought it was a solid entry.

Well, I found out this morning that out of roughly 200 entries I was one of five finalists for the free pass to the conference. To choose the winner, SPN is putting it to a vote. This is where I need your help!

Click here to go to SPN’s site and to vote for the best name for the prairie dog mascot. Obviously, I’d like for you to vote for “Analog”, my submission, but if you really think one of the other names is better and you want to vote for it…that’s cool. I could really use your vote, though, so I can go to the conference!

Voting ends at midnight Thursday, April 30. If you want to let others now about this I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for the support, and be sure to check out more of what SPN does!

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