I think curry fries and mayo can cure a lot of the world’s ills…

I thoroughly enjoyed Boston’s three game sweep of the Yankees this past weekend. I know some baseball fans tire of the constant barrage of Red Sox vs. Yankees, but when you look at what this past three game series provided it is hard to be antagonistic. The first game had a comeback win over the best reliever in history, the second game was a back-and-forth slugfest, and the third game had a straight steal of home.

After the slow start, Boston had roared to life. I think they still have lots of question marks, but I’m comparing them to what they usually have in their lineup. Compared with the rest of the American League they are great.

The Royals should be better than their record, but there have been some poor managerial moves that have cost them victories. Still, everyone is taking notice of them and their pitching staff, especially Zach Greinke. His comeback story is great.

Need to get to an Omaha Royals game at some point.

Church congregational meetings are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.

Really, Jim Suttle wants to use the new baseball stadium as a toboggan run during the winter season? This is forward thinking for the city? (I hope he was joking, even though he sounded serious about it.)

When I first heard the news about the swine flu coming out of Mexico I initially thought of the old Christian punk band One Bad Pig and their song Swine Flew.

I need to get my passport updated so I got some new pics taken for it. I really don’t think through these things. My hair is unkempt, I’m wearing a hoodie and my sunglasses are hanging from my shirt. Granted, this is probably how I look on any given day so maybe it is an appropriate picture for my new passport.

This past weekend we took Liam to a Thomas the Train event at ToysRUs. I liked the fact he was correcting the lady facilitating the event on which trains were which. Thomas still reigns in his world, but I think Blues Clues has established itself as a solid number two…for the time being.

The Celtics vs. Bulls playoff series has been great. Looking forward to Game 5 tonight.

Amsterdam is awesome, especially when it has been awhile since you had it.

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