Yesterday, I was able to see the new independent film April Showers. It is based on the Columbine school shootings. The writer/director of the film is a survivor of the Columbine school shootings.

The movie was filmed in the Omaha area, and three actors in the film have been involved with some video productions we have done at CCC.  Of course, I’ve mentioned before how two of the actors from our Easter film, The Incredulity of Caroline, are in April Showers. (Cheri Bloomingdale who played Caroline and Bryan McClure who played Neil) Rachel Lien was also in the film. She was Sara in Sara’s Pregnancy.

What I liked about the film was how it focused in on the aftermath and how the survivors deal with it. So often a tragedy occurs like Columbine and it is the focal point of news for a few days, but then time moves on and the next news story dominates. However, the survivors and victims just cannot move on like everyone else does.  It’s been almost four years since Hurricane Katrina, but that region and its people are still dealing with its effects.

If you go see April Showers, and you have seen the videos we produce at CCC, you’ll realize how fortunate we at CCC have been with some of the actors that have volunteered their services to us. I think Bryan McClure was great, particularly in his scene with Tom Arnold. (By the way, Tom Arnold was a nice acting surprise in the film.) Rachel Lien was also solid in her supporting role, having to convery a wide swath of emotions. Cheri had a bit role, but it was still good to see her. She was wonderful to work with on The Incredulity of Caroline.

Below is the trailer for April Showers, and the CCC videos featuring Bryan, Rachel and Cheri. To find out more about April Showers, go to their website by clicking here.

April Showers

Sara’s Pregnancy

The Incredulity of Caroline

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