As you may or may not know, working at a church you consistently receive anonymous feedback. It’s the best. (that was sarcastic) I truly do appreciate constructive feedback and criticism, but I like to know who I am dealing with when I hear it. I know I have grown tremendously as an individual and in my work through such feedback. The problem with a majority of anonymous feedback is that it is usually just someone lashing out in anger and hate, slandering and gossiping about someone and intent on tearing apart instead of building up.

In the weeks leading up the Doubting sermon series we asked people to go online and submit personal experiences with doubt. Some of these were very good. However, with the nature of the submission process, it masked identities unless the person shared who they were. So, someone used it as an opportunity to lambast CCC and various staff without revealing who they are.

Here’s a snippet of their comments, since it was an attack on my work:
…the ministry is so shallow. Why can’t we put God in the sermons? Why can’t we shut off all the gizmos, videos, PowerPoints, cartoons and just use the Bible for teaching?

The work I have done I am quite proud of and know it has expanded the Kingdom of God. That is why I am proud of it. It has helped people connect with God in deeper ways. Normally, I don’t respond to such baseless accusations, but this “comment” was contrasted by comments from students at Dundee Elementary a few days later and I wanted you to compare. I scanned in a small sampling of the comments for you.

Why were they thanking Tim Perry? Well, Dundee was having a Career Day, and Tim Perry came in and shared about his job at Christ Community Church. Normally, you wouldn’t think it would be too exciting for kids to sit through that, but Tim showed the students the following video as an example of how fun it can be to work at a church.

Now, some may say it is obvious the video would be liked by elementary students. I should add that we have had requests from other churches to use this video in their services. Churches in California, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Arizona and many more states have used this particular “cartoon” for their ministry. Professors at Grace University have used our in-house prodcued videos to use in teaching their students.This “cartoon” helped reach these students and made Christianity attractive and interesting to them. Before we switched over our videos to a new YouTube page, the Jonah animations were our most watched videos. We had people requesting to buy them on dvd.

If your preference is not to be a part of a church service that employs every possible thing to help aide and complement the message, like video, then you probably aren’t going to like Christ Community Church.

God is in the sermons at CCC. God is being taught in all manners of communication that work together effectively. Mark Ashton is a great teacher and communicator. And I’m glad that CCC is using everything at their disposal to help in communicating the gospel to the city and world.

If you think people like me are the reason “CCC is in decline”, which is a ludicrous opinion because every conceivable indicator at CCC says the church is in the opposite of decline, I wonder if you’ll be embarrassed when you see me in heaven. No worries, I’ll laugh it off and then we’ll go get some coffee or something.


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