Finished up preparations for the Counterfeit series beginning this Sunday. (click here to see the commercial) It’s been a full, but productive, week. After this past Wednesday, I finally felt like things were slowing down a bit. There’s a lot to post, as always, but here are some quick hitters.

I’m wondering what the next social network tool to go mainstream will be. First it was MySpace, then Facebook, and now Twitter. We all like to be with the “it” thing, but when everyone is with “it” something else becomes “it”. It’s not saying much for Twitter if Ashton Kutcher is the first Twitter user to get a 1,000,000 followers. Having followers for the sake of having followers is humiliating. Are some celebrities that insecure? Apparently so.

Is Twitter going to put gossip mags/sites on notice since people can get gossip and new straight from celebrities? Probably not.

Some people try and collect followers on Twitter like they are collecting baseball cards. (Comment came to me from @QuelWilson on Twitter.)

I’ve been pruning my network on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have the time to keep up with people I don’t know, who want me in their network, for the sake of bumping up their numbers to impress everyone.

In my opinion, I think John MacArthur’s post about Mark Driscoll and his interpretation of Song of Solomon is unfounded. It grossly misrepresents the meticulous attention and care Driscoll put into teaching on the subject. (click here for more on Driscoll’s Song of Solomon teaching) It also doesn’t address the cultural divide between the people MacArthur preaches to and the people Driscoll preaches to. (Not to mention the cultural divide between the two individuals.) A number of us on staff enjoy Driscoll’s teaching, but we are also aware that our culture and environment, at Christ Community Church, is not currently at a place where his type of preaching would be received well every week. We have people complaining about the videos we create, to drinks being allowed in the Sanctuary now, to the guest speakers we bring in to teach on subjects that are not core doctrine. (Who else received that postcard protesting Dr. Hugh Ross coming in to speak?) What do you think would happen if we had a frank series that went through every verse of Song of Solomon? A leader needs to be aware of where his people are at that they’re leading. I think Driscoll is acutely aware of where his congregation is, as I think CCC’s leadership is acutely aware of where the people of CCC are at in their lives and walks with God.

Am I down on Christ Community Church? Hardly! I think what Mars Hill Church is doing in Seattle is phenomenal. Seattle is vastly different than Omaha. The demographics between the two churches is nowhear near the same. (single twentysomething compared with married fortysomething with kids) I am grateful to be working here at CCC and am excited to be a part of where God is leading this church. I’m excited to be a part of impacting the city of Omaha. The changes and growth that have happened since I started working here have been drastic, yet exciting. (Who can forget, back in the fall of 2005, being asked by an usher if I was sure I was at the right venue when I tried to go into the Sanctuary for services. I worked here and was wearing khakis with a polo shirt when being questioned.) The transformations I’ve seen in people’s lives, in the city of Omaha, and around the world, have been humbling to be a part of since I started working here as a consultant in 2005. I’m looking forward to the next few years and seeing how we meet the challenge of “doubling the impact” at CCC. We have a great team of leaders, staff, volunteers and people in general. I’m blessed to be working here.

The Celtics have had a lot of adversity this past season. With Kevin Garnett out of the playoffs it probably ends the title chances for this season and the next few seasons. Cleveland was going to be tough to beat as it was, but now that is impossible for Boston. Paul Pierce has been playing sensationally in KG’s absence and has solidified his status as one of this generation’s greats. There is a great young nucleus of players on the Celtics, but KG is breaking down. It’s like he gave everything to get that title last year and now he is paying for it. (Kind of like how Schilling sacrificed his 2005 season in the 2004 playoffs.) Would I change anything? Not a chance. The Celtics won their seventeenth championship last season, and they did it by beating the Lakers. It doesn’t get better than that.

I like the Cavaliers to win the title. I don’t think LeBron will be stopped.

How awesome was it the Yankees were blasted in their opening game at the new Yankee Stadium? (It was awesome.)

Great episodes of LOST and The Office this past week.

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