The Incredulity of Caroline from Robert Murphy on Vimeo.

The final cut of The Incredulity of Caroline. I was stoked when I finally saw it. The feedback I heard from people was tremendous. The acting, directing and writing (thank you) was all lauded. (Still trying to track down all the names of our crew and extras to put in the credits. If I don’t have you listed please let me know!)

Jay did a great job of editing the footage together, picking the right music to complement scenes and getting everything to fit within the parameters we had to work in.

The video complemented and supported Mark’s message greatly. (Of course, Mark was stellar with the live message.)

I was bummed that my LOST reference was cut from Mark’s introduction of the video, but we had time constratints we were already over. Next time… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t know how it was at the Traditions or Connections services in the Sanctuary, but I thought the Easter service was great. We went Saturday night and it was full in the Gym.

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